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LEARN MORE OR BUY NOW Just Worship. is a 5-week series where kids will learn how to worship God from ten Hebrew words for worship and praise found in the Bible. We know that boys are often the hardest to engage in worship. That's why we created this curriculum with sports theming, games, skits, and object lessons to help boys and girls relate to the subject and understand that worship is for EVERYONE! This curriculum is written with RIGHT NOW in mind. We have added an easy to use family option for churches who are unable to do small groups or who remain virtual. All large group content is online service-friendly, please feel free to record and use any of the content in your live and online streaming services. Everything is Covid-friendly and written with social distancing in mind. DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE



Hold's kids' attention

Fun and Interactive

Includes two game options, funny skits, and theming!


Points to Jesus


Gospel-centered, goes deeper, and offers practical application.

Easy to Use

Volunteer friendly

Easy to Use

No fluff, quick to prepare, and room to make it your own.