Top 5 Upbeat Worship Songs For Kids Ministry


In kids ministry, we are always looking for fun, crazy, worship songs that the kids will actually like. I have introduced many songs to children in my time in kids ministry. Some, the kids just love, but others, not so much. To be clear, we also have a slower worship time/altar time every week in our services and we do live keyboard-led worship for this time to provide a better transition into our youth and adult services. We do not use videos and and actions during our slower worship time. So, here is my list (for the time being, of course) of the [...]

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Parent’s Night Out: Valentine’s Day Edition


We decided to host our first Parent's Night Out on Valentine's Day this year. I am generally not a big fan of doing events that are basically childcare oriented, but I had a few solid reasons for putting on this event. It would be a ministry to the parents by offering them dirt cheap childcare. We had a theme day, called Love Bash scheduled for the next morning where ministry would occur, so Parent's Night Out provided a great opportunity to advertise and invite kids back the next morning. We already had a Valentine's Day set up for Love Bash. Honestly, I didn't [...]

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This post is a little bit of a "back-in-time" post for me, since we did this one back in September of 2013, but it was one of our first major sets and served as the backbone for many of the sets that came afterward. First, a "before" picture: The set above was our primary set before we began doing monthly set redesigns and admittedly, it was a pretty cool set. We changed it because this had been what the kids had seen week in and week out for the past three years. I'll preface this set by saying we spent a good [...]


Top 5 Apps for Kids Ministry


Let me start off by saying this post may seem a little biased, because the technology ecosystem I live in every day is Apple.  I have an iPhone, iPad mini, and a MacBook Pro, so the integration is a big deal for me. I've posted links to these apps on the iOS App Store as well as on the Google Play Store (for those who use Android). 1. Pinterest (iOS / Android) - Where do I even start when it comes to this app? If I had to choose only 2 resources to use in my kids ministry, I would choose The [...]

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Gen Kids in TV Land


The original idea for this set was for the kids to feel like they were part of the studio audience for a new TV show called "Gen Kids in TV Land".  This set was also supposed to only last one theme day, but we went a little overboard in our production of it, so we turned it into our January set.  When one of our leaders remarked, "This reminds me of the tour I took of NBC when I was in high school", I knew we were on the right track! As this set morphed into a bigger and bigger idea through talking [...]

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