6 Fun and Easy Snacktivities


I don't know about you, but I think food is way more fun when you can play with it too. :) That's what inspired me to write this fun post about my favorite "snacktivities" to do with the kids in my ministry. If I could come up with an easy snacktivity to do with my kids every week I would totally do it. It may be the kid in me, or the cook in me, but I just love a good snacktivity. Without further adieu, here are my top 6 snacktivities (for the time being of course). 1. Food Necklaces Food [...]

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Roller Disco Lock-in


Lock-ins are events that many Kid's Ministries don't even attempt because they can seem difficult or daunting. However, this is the 4th lock-in we have done with Gen Kids, and it turned out to be the most popular that we do. We schedule two lock-ins each year (one the week of spring break and the other on Labor day weekend), and the kids always ask when the next one is coming. We always have a theme, and this time it was "Roller Disco". Our leaders and kids really got into the theme and everyone had a groovy time. Our budget for this event was $750, but [...]

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Road Trip Set Design


In Gen Kids, when we aren't doing our own thing (see Gen Kids in TV Land), we follow the 252 Basics curriculum by Orange. 252 Basics not only provides a virtue of the month (kindness, patience, respect, faith, etc.), but also a monthly theme. If you have your own kid's ministry space, you can decorate your environment(s) to enhance the theme of the month. We love doing this in Gen Kids, because it keeps the kids excited about the new theme each month, and it draws them further into the theme through the visuals we construct. Each month, we budget $200 for [...]

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Kidmin Volunteer Series: Qualities to look for in Kidmin Volunteers


I think if most of us are honest, the most valuable and important resources we have in kids ministry are our volunteers. We can have the most awesome ideas, put on the craziest events, and love ministering to kids more than anything in the world, but without volunteers, we simply cannot do what we do. We would completely burn out, and the kids would probably get tired of only seeing our faces and hearing our voices all the time. With that being said,  I thought that a kidmin volunteer series was in order. To start our series off right, I thought it would be [...]

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