Water Night


  Water Nights are great events for kids, their friends, and the community to get together for a night all about having fun and building friendships (and getting soaking wet, of course)! We love to do it as a kick-off event for the summer on a Wednesday night, and we call it "School's Out Water Night". The kids always look forward to it and invite their friends to join in on the fun. Before we get into all the fun water activities, I wanted to share a few tips I have learned about setting up for an awesome water event. It's not as [...]

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Kidmin Technology


We have had many questions relating to the technology we have in our kids ministry room, so I've enlisted my husband (Sean) to help write this post. He's been a Worship Pastor, audio/video director, and IT guy, and he handles any of the big AVL (audio/video/lighting) changes and equipment in our environment, so I figured he'd be a better source of information. He'll take it from here. Audio System Yamaha LS9-32 channel mixing console 3x Sennheiser EW100 G3 wireless handheld microphones with E835 capsules (these are GREAT for kids ministry- they can take a beating and still work perfectly!) 1x Sennheiser [...]

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Marvel Set Design


2019 Update - Marvel Series This set design is a bit of a throw back at this point! I have now done two renditions of this set design (you can see the original below). Recently I have completely redone one of my original curriculum series I wrote called Marvel and it is available for you purchase! You can check out the brand new Marvel curriculum here! I did a set design for the Marvel Series that is similar to what I did in 2015, but with a few changes. See picture above for the newest version of the Marvel Set Design. [...]

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What’s Your Favorite Color Day?


I love doing theme days with my kids. I introduced theme days in my kid's ministry a little over 2 years ago, and still love them just as much as I did then, because it's a new and innovative way to get the kids even more excited about coming to church. I have done many theme days with my elementary-aged group, but I haven't done many with my preschool group. The biggest differences in doing a theme day for the younger kids versus older kids are the multiple shared environments, and parents not wanting to have to put a lot of effort into [...]

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