Top 10 Set Design Essentials


In the last two years I have learned that I absolutely love doing set designs and creating awesome kid's ministry environments. There are several different types of set designs you might do in your ministry. There are more permanent "base" set designs, the semi-permanent (a few months up to a year) "themed" designs, and my personal favorite, the monthly sets. Some of you may have environments that are shared spaces so you may not be able to do as much as you want with your, so I would encourage you to find ways to make portable set pieces/props so you can still change up your [...]

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Treasure Hunt/Jungle Set Design


Full Stage This month, we are back to using our 252 Basics curriculum. This set design was inspired by the 252 theme of the month: Dig Deep (Wisdom). The idea behind this set design was to make the kids feel like they are in the jungle, following a map in search of the greatest treasure, wisdom. We were able to incorporate the theme into the entire environment this month and we had almost everything we needed on hand, so that was a huge bonus. The only things I purchased specifically for this set design were the large roll of [...]

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Gen Kids at the Movies Theme Day


We finished up our Summer Theme Days series with Gen Kids at the Movies. For Gen Kids at the Movies we were going for a red carpet, Hollywood stars feel in our theme and decor. The set came out better than expected and the kids absolutely loved our photo booth we set up.   Set Design: Stage Left Stage Right The coolest thing about this set design is that we had a lot of the decor on hand, or donated to us by another local church. Movie themes will always come around again so re-using your decorations or [...]

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