Blacklight Basics


Blacklight events are a lot of fun for kids, teenagers, and even adults. Everything is just so much cooler when it's glowing. Ordinary games become glow games, boring paper becomes glow decor, coloring becomes glow art, the possibilities are endless, but figuring out where to start with a blacklight event can be overwhelming. There is a daunting amount of information out there, and choosing what to buy can be confusing. I remember the amount of research I put into planning my first blacklight event, it was crazy! Also, I may have been a bit obsessive and gone a little over the top. [...]

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Doing a Set Design on Little or No Budget


While putting together my set design together for this month, I was reminded that you don't need a big budget to create some pretty amazing sets. When I talk to other Kid's Pastors, one of the most common struggles I hear about is that they don't have a big enough budget to accomplish goals in their ministry. I understand that this can be a problem, but we don't have to let it stand in the way of doing awesome things in our ministries. We just have to use a little more of our imagination and creativity to get the job done.  I've discovered that when [...]

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Talk Now and Later Book Review


I had the privilege of reading Brian Dollar's latest book Talk Now and Later before it even hit the shelves. I am excited to share my thoughts and takeaways from reading it for the first time (because I will definitely be re-visiting this book many times in the future). Talk Now and Later is a must-read for anyone parenting or ministering to children. Brian Dollar tackles ten of the most common, difficult subjects that parents need to discuss with their children and teens. Each chapter is devoted to one topic and he breaks down the topics to help parents have the necessary conversations with their kids from a practical [...]

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