5 Steps to Give Your Environment a Fresh Look


One of my favorite things to do in kid's ministry is to cultivate awesome environments that make kids want to come back to church and invite all of their friends to come with them. I'm a couple months into my current position as Children's Pastor at a new church, and one of the things I was asked to do in the first few months in my position was to give the kid's ministry environment a fresh look. Our hallway and kid's ministry rooms have looked the same since the building was constructed eight years ago, so it's definitely time for a fresh, new [...]

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“Milk and Cookies” Volunteer Appreciation Gift


I'm always looking for fresh and new ideas to show our volunteers how much we care about and appreciate them. I usually try to do a volunteer appreciation gift in the $2-$5 range once a quarter for all of my volunteers. That doesn't sound like a lot of money, but when you have 40-50 volunteers it sure does add up. My philosophy is that we will never be able to repay people for the hours of time they give up and love they give to our kids, but we can certainly do little things to make them feel special. This week I [...]

“Milk and Cookies” Volunteer Appreciation Gift2020-07-06T22:09:08-07:00

People vs. The To-Do List


I was actually planning on blogging about something totally different this week, but God laid this on my heart today. I love it when He does that. People vs. the to-do list is a constant struggle for many of us in ministry. We all tend to lean naturally towards one or the other. Think about the pastoral staff at your church for a moment. You can probably go around the room and say if someone is more people-oriented or task-oriented. We all know that in ministry we have to do both. If we ignore the to-do list, have a coffee meeting [...]

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