CM Connect Conference 2016 Series: Christina Embree Breakout


Practical Discipleship at Home: Easy Wins for Parents Christina Embree is an incredible pastor, blogger, and speaker who specializes is in intergenerational and family-focused ministry. I attended her breakout today because I was hoping to gain some insight and new ideas for helping the families in my ministry bring discipleship into their homes. I definitely received way more than I thought I would, and had a lot of "why didn't I think of that?" moments while listening to her speak. I'm so excited to share her teaching with you today. She started her session with talking about the home. What is a [...]

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CM Connect Conference 2016 Series: Shauna Hanus Breakouts


Breakout 1: Knock Your Socks Off Sermons for Big Church Shauna Hanus did an amazing job of showing us a practical and simple technique we can use every week when we are putting together our children's sermons. The technique is called hook, book, look, and took. Here's how it works: Hook: The hook is anything that will grab your audience's attention. It is usually a physical item that is brought out at the beginning of your message to draw the audience in. Book: The book is simply the Bible or Scripture verse that are used. The kids don't always know what it means until [...]

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CM Connect Conference 2016 Series: Stop Comparing, Start Connecting


I'm blessed to be attending the CM Connect 2016 Conference as part of the blogging team this week. All week long I'll be posting my thoughts on breakouts and main sessions for those of you who were unable to make it to the conference this year. Our first main session was last night, and I'm already feeling excited and inspired by all of the incredible Children's pastors, directors and volunteers who are here. Children's ministry leaders can be a very diverse bunch of people, which brings me to my main takeaway from last night's main session and the after party we [...]

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5 More Upbeat Worship Songs for Kids


About a year ago I blogged about the Top 5 Upbeat Worship Songs for Kids. The kids still love those songs, and we still use them during our services, but I thought it was about time to post about some new worship songs we are introducing right now. I have already taught some of these songs to the kids, and I'm excited to share the others with them soon. I have created videos with the choreography I came up with for each song. Also, I have included some fun lyric videos to go with the songs. 1. Endless Praise - Planetshakers This is [...]

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CM Conference 2016


CMConnect launched their first CM Children's Ministry Conference in 2015, and it was a huge success. CMConnect Children's Ministry Conference is designed to connect, serve and advance those called to Children's Ministry. I am so honored and excited to be a part of the blogger team at the conference this year. The theme for CM Connect 2016 is "Rise Up!" with a focus on God being a God who will rise up to our defense, and meet us in our time of need. CMConnect has an amazing group of main speakers lined up for the conference including Jeffrey Reed, Director of [...]

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