Emoji Set Design


I created this set design for a 6-week series I am currently writing called Emojis. This series is about learning how to handle our emotions with God's help. Each week, kids learn how to handle a common emotion by looking at Jesus' life while He was on Earth. The cost for this set design was easily less than $50. All of the decorations for this set design were homemade, so you don't need to purchase a lot to make it happen in your ministry. If you follow my set designs regularly, you may have noticed that our stage/room looks quite different. [...]

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CMConnect Conference 2017


As Kid's Pastors we have many options to choose from when it comes to conferences. It's great to have options, but many of us can only choose one or two conferences to attend each year. That's a tough choice to make! I had the privilege of attending CMConnect Conference last year as a part of their social media team, and it was a refreshing experience. I am honored to be joining the team again this year, as well as leading a few workshops. CMConnect Conference is unlike any other conference I have attended and is designed to connect, serve and advance [...]

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