Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors Book Review


Anne Marie has done it again! I have loved both of her previous books: Walk This Way and What God is Doing. Each of her books is filled with practical and Biblical object lessons. If you are interested, check out my reviews for Walk This Way and What God is Doing. I'm excited to be a part of launching her third book: Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors. I was surprised to see that it is completely different from her first two books. This book is all about helping parents learn how to help their children pray. It is just as practical, Biblical, and easy to use as her other [...]

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The #1 Reason to Attend CMConnect Conference


I just got back from another amazing week at the CMConnect Conference. This is my third year in a row being a part of this unique kid's ministry conference. Last year I wrote about my top 3 reasons to attend CMConnect Conference. Why do I keep going back year after year? It's not because it is the biggest conference. It's not because they put on the best "show" in their main sessions. It's not because it is held in the best vacation spot. The #1 reason I attend the CMConnect Conference every year is because of the people. Now, I don't mean [...]

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