Hands-off Games for Kidmin


As we all attempt to reopen our kid's ministries and/or continue to do online services there are a lot of new challenges we are facing together. One big challenge is finding games that work for our current situation. A lot of  the things we normally look for in a game like messy and hands-on are out and contact-free, hands-off is in! I spent hours racking my brain and scouring the internet to come up with my best list of hands-off games for our kid's ministry and I wanted to share them with you to save you the time and energy! We [...]

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Ideas for Using The Greatest Story Curriculum at Home/Online


I know all of us are having to completely rethink how we do Easter this year. Many of you already purchased this year's Easter weekend curriculum before any of us had any idea all of the churches were going to shut their doors and go completely online. I'm right there with you on the front lines trying to figure this out in my own ministry. Unfortunately, I just don't have the spare time to put together a completely separate Family Edition of The Greatest Story Curriculum. However, I wanted to at least share some tips on how to use [...]

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Virtual Kidmin/Fammin Ideas


We have all been launched into an unexpected and difficult time. Our ministries are scrambling to come up with ways to keep ministering to and connecting with the kids and families in our churches. I have seen lots of creative and innovative ministry ideas in this season already, but also know there are ministry leaders who are intimidated by the idea of doing "virtual ministry". They are afraid that the videos they'd post aren't good enough and the content they're using isn't perfectly polished. While I believe in striving for excellence in everything we do, I think the kids and families [...]

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6 Lessons on Creativity from Disney


I am all about finding your creative place. I believe that the environment you are in at any given time has a huge affect on your creativity. Being in a creative place can spark new ideas, give inspiration, and refresh your mind and soul. With all that being said, over the last couple weeks, I spent some time in some of my favorite creative places, Disney World and Disneyland. It was actually my first time ever visiting the Disney World Resort and it was magical! Not only was I inspired by being at Disney World and experiencing the environment, but I was [...]

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The #1 Reason to Attend CMConnect Conference


I just got back from another amazing week at the CMConnect Conference. This is my third year in a row being a part of this unique kid's ministry conference. Last year I wrote about my top 3 reasons to attend CMConnect Conference. Why do I keep going back year after year? It's not because it is the biggest conference. It's not because they put on the best "show" in their main sessions. It's not because it is held in the best vacation spot. The #1 reason I attend the CMConnect Conference every year is because of the people. Now, I don't mean [...]

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